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Client Testimonials

Robert_P Burntwood

Great advice from them, thanks so much!

Not only did they provide clear advice and guidance as to what level of Income I would receive at retirement, but also talked me through and helped me to understand my options at Retirement. When I actually retired they helped sort out what is  quite a daunting process to ensure that I retired with no hiccups. I am now happily retired. He also identified that we had been mis-sold a Pension Policy and he helped us with our succesful claim against the firm involved, without their help we would never have known that we had been mis-sold a pension.

Robert P, Staffs 
P Dolan Warwickshire

Thank You for your Help.

Like many other busy Owner/Directors I have a pension, taken out because the Accountant said it was a good idea, It wasn't until I saw one of the Advisers and they showed me how my pension could be of use to my business that I truly appreciated how flexible a pension is and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any Business Owner.

Philip D, Warwickshire
Robert W, Leicestershire

I would certainly recommend Lee.

Lee Clarkson has been looking after our financial affairs for over 15 years. His advice on Pensions and Investments strategy has always been very sound and his research into suitable products is very thorough.

I was made redundant in 2004 at the age of 60 and my late wife had to give up her lectureship through ill health at the same time.  Lee Clarkson advised us on our income and pension strategy, which enabled us to purchase a holiday home in Spain whilst still maintaining a home here in the UK.

His attention to detail is excellent and he always explains in clear terms the financial jargon that can baffle us all at times.

When my wife died in 2012, Lee looked after my wife’s affairs with great sensitivity and thought. 

He always keeps in regular touch and will advise promptly if things need changing. He also looks after various members of my family and that of my late wife’s as well.

On a personal note I would certainly recommend Lee Clarkson as your personal adviser.

Robert W, Leicester


Friendly and very helpful, Thank you.

Being an extremely busy professional person,I find it hard to spend the time looking after my financial affairs, I neither have the time or the energy to pay attention to all the jargon and rule changes that seem to happen on a daily basis, and luckily I have the support of a Professional Pensions Adviser with a dedicated relationship with both an Adviser and with the support staff. So I can concentrate on the stresses of my job and leave the day to day details of my pensions and investments with my own personal pensions manager.

Dr M Thomas, Worcestershire




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