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Any BENEFITS in cashing in all your Pension now?

Pensions Freedom? Its SHAMELESSsocialsecurity

Any BENEFITS in cashing in all your Pension now?

For a lot of people the approach of the 6th April 2015 is filled with excitement and trepidation.


well from that day an unprecedented level of freedoms are being granted to money purchase pensions such as Personal Pensions, SIPP'S etc, Final Salary Pensions are excluded from the new regime unless you transfer your benefits away.

What can you do in the new regime? well you have the 

Freedom to

  • You will have a right - in theory at least - to gain full access to your pension from age 55
  • No one will be forced to buy an annuity
  • Choose your own level of income
  • You will be able to cash in your pension in one go - subject to an income tax charge
  • You will be able to make withdrawals above your right to tax-free cash - subject to an income tax charge
  • Pass on Pension pots free of Inheritance tax on death (Under age 75

In todays, Telegraph on Sunday the Prime Minister talks about trusting people to make the right choices.

Will everyone make the right choices? NO 

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